Liberty Auto Warranty
We take the guesswork out of auto warranties! With comprehensive coverages competitively priced to fit your budget!
You are never alone! We are here 24/7, offering the largest roadside and towing network in the industry.
Liberty Auto Warranty is accepted by all dealers and repair shops nationwide. We pay claims directly to the shop saving you time and money!
Stay in the drivers seat while your car is getting repaired with our rental car program.
With over 44 years experience offering consumer driven automotive solutions, Liberty Auto Warranty is the industry leader in auto warranty coverage plans and customer assurance. Purchasing an auto warranty has never been easier with our technology and resources. In less then 2 minutes you can protect your investment and experience worry-free ownership. Remember, "AN EDUCATED CONSUMER IS OUR BEST CUSTOMER." Call or e-mail our friendly certified staff to learn more about labor rates, average repair costs and more... for your car.
Vehicle Protection uses the terms 'Warranty' and 'Extended Warranty' with 'Vehicle Service Contract' and 'Extended Service Contract' for marketing purposes only.
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The term "Liberty Auto Warranty" often referred to as, but not limited to; extended service contract. extended auto warranties, auto repair service contracts, auto assurance coverages, car warranty and car warranties. Important consumer information sponsored by Liberty Auto Warranty. With respect to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act... Auto service contracts A "service contract" is different from a warranty because service contracts do not affirm the quality or workmanship of a consumer product. A service contract is a written instrument in which a supplier agrees to perform, over a fixed period or for a specified duration, services relating to the maintenance or repair, or both, of a consumer product. Agreements that meet the statutory definition of service contracts, but are sold and regulated under state law as contracts of insurance, do not come under the Act's provisions
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